Weather Cancellations



Friday night no match

Premier Boys:


  1. Kai Tucker
  2. Bayan Sobhani Supervisor
  3. Sena Tucker
  4. Angus Wilkins (Singles Only)
  5. Euan Logan (Doubles Only)



Saturday 8:30am start. Be there 8:10 for warm up. Courts will be allocated on the day. 

Division 3 Boys:    Blackwood VS Kingswood

Location: Blackwood Tennis Club

  1. Henry Gray 
  2. Rikki Tucker (Supervisor)
  3. Sebastian Zappia 
  4. Lachlan Bell (Singles only)
  5. Oscar Nicholls (Doubles only)

Reserves (in case of emergency)

  1. Luke Chapman
  2. Zac Murphy
  3. Nicholas Harris

Division 6 Red Boys:    Blackwood Red VS Kingswood

Location: Blackwood Tennis Club

  1. Jacob Kenning(Supervisor)
  2. Ryan Hughes
  3. Theo Sweet
  4. Eligah Morphett

 Reserves (in case of emergency)

  1. Kailan van Zyl
  2. Nicholas Wildenauer
  3. Daniel Hockley

Division 9 BoysBlackwood VS McLaren Vale

Location: Blackwood Tennis Club

  1. Harrison Conner 
  2. Nate Pitcher (Supervisor)
  3. Gregor van Gorp (Doubles Only)
  4. Harry Scholz
  5. Flynn Forgan (Singles Only)

(reccomenedation for doubles Gregor and Harrison 1 and Harry and Nate 2)