Junior Tennis Teams list – 24th and 25th of November


Match rules – SDTA match rules can be found here: SDTA Match Rules

Weather cancellations – latest updates from Tennis SA are provided here: Weather Information

Summer 2023/24 Absences – If you know that your child is unavailable to play for a week, can you please put them as unavailable next to their name and the corresponding week on the following absentee spreadsheet before the Wednesday preceding that match:


If they are sick or otherwise unavailable after the Wednesday, including on the morning of the match, can you please ring Kate Logan on 0435 991 471 so the reserve or a fill-in player can be organised.

Friday Night 6:30 Session

Premiere Boys – 6:30pm
Venue: Blackwood Tennis Club
Opposition: Happy Valley
Courts 1 and 2
Canteen Duty 

Hugo Wilson 
Henry Grey – Supervisor
Oscar Murphy 
John Turaka 
Ben Elsworthy – Reserve


Div 1 Boys – 6:30pm
Venue:   Tennis World Millswood
Opposition: Mercedes College 

Lachlan Bell 
Kailan Van Zyl– Supervisor
Zac Murphy– Unavailable 
Nicholas Harris
Henry Hambour


State League Girls – 6:30pm
Venue: McLaren Vale Tennis Club
Opposition: McLaren Vale

Angel– Supervisor
Zoe– Unavailable 
Liv T– Unavailable 


Prem Girls -6:30pm 
Venue:  Blackwood Tennis Club
Opposition: Denman
Courts 3 and 4

Millie Harris
Izzy Harris
Amelia Brandwood– Supervisor
Amber Logan
Anais Cudsi – Unavailable 


Saturday Morning 8:30 Session

Div 3 Boys –Saturday Morning 8:30
Venue: Hope Ward Tennis Club
Opposition: Hope Ward Hill

Nate Pitcher – Unavailable
Takumi Satomura– Supervisor
Daniel Hockley
Harrison Connor
Henri Graham – Filling Up


Div 5 Boys –Saturday Morning 8:30
Venue: Morphet Vale Tennis Club
Opposition: Morphet Vale

Henri Graham – Filling Up
Flynn Forgan– Supervisor
Daniel Schober
Oliver Timmis
Gregor – Fillin


Div 4 Girls –Saturday Morning 8:30
Venue:  Blackwood Tennis Club
Opposition: Happy Valley
Courts 1 and 2
Canteen Duty

Alexis Chubb– Supervisor
Alice Ahmad
Ella Rose Graham
Zali Menzel
Jana Nasser– Reserve


Div 5 Girls –Saturday Morning 8:30
Venue: Blackwood Tennis Club  
Opposition: Denman
3 and 4

Allana Forgan
Aerin Kerkez
Mila Kerkez – Supervisor
Phoebe McRostie
Scarlett Dale – Reserve


Saturday 10:45 Session


Div 8 Boys –Saturday Morning 10:45
Venue: Tennis World Millswood
Opposition: Denman

Jordan Doecke– Reserve
Elliot Champ– Supervisor
Declan Doecke
Charlie Smithson
Joseph Schober